Friday, March 19, 2010

It's a Shoe Party.....

It is a Shoe Party....Yes, You read it correctly. A Shoe Party!!! A reason to drag out ALL of our favorite shoes or better yet, a reason to go buy some MORE shoes.Well, I did not buy any new shoes....had to buy Easter clothes,but I am sharing some of my favs. I LOVE SHOES!!!! Beth from The Stories of A to Z is our host. I am a day late, but better late than never right????
Was not sure how to display....was not sure which ones to them all! So here we go.....Drum Roll Please.....Steppin out onto the Runway.....

My fav for fall this year....kinda goin thru a hippy groovy stage right now. Can you tell? Love these shoes. Comfy!

Got cold feet.....Ugg boots are the solution. Got these for Christmas from Mr. Hubby. Sooo soft and warm....

My hoochy moma shoes....not comfy but love the way they look with jeans!

Lovin the details....better than that, got them on clearance last year! Yiiippeee

When you have something long enough, they come back in style. Flowers are back on shoes this season, but I have been wearing these for years.

My Sunday black shoes....

Gotta make myself look taller somehow.....

Got these stripes last year at the Rainforest Cafe.....helped two causes at once.....the animals and me! Can't believe I am showing you my unpedicured feet.

These are a fav summer shoes.....wear with anything and everything.

Last but not least.....the most worn shoes in the house! My houseshoes from Target! Love me some animal print don't you?
Be sure to check out all the other shoe addictions.....gotta love some shoes!


  1. Yay! I'm glad you joined the party and I love how you chose to display your shoes on the stairs. Great idea! And yes, I love animal print and all of yours are fab. Thanks for joining :).

  2. Love them!~ Those clogs with the peace purse, oh yes I am stealing those!~ You have great taste indeed!

  3. I really like your choice of shoes... and the 'rainforest' ones are cool!


  4. Those kennethcole reaction you got on sale last year are FAB! And I also love your black Sunday shoes...classic!

  5. I love the little animal print wedge. I would wear those with jeans all the time!! Love Ugg's too. We need them here in the winter.

  6. i am a sucker for some comfy house shoes, myself! i too, loved how you displayed your shoes. it looked like you were a window display for a shop!

    happy spring!

  7. Hi! Thanks so much for visiting, commenting and following my blog, Scene of the Grime. You asked about my pearl ruffled t-strap shoes. Are you ready for this? I found them last spring at Payless for $19.99! I love them, too. Hope you can find them. You have some great shoes - I love animal prints, too. I'm following you now, too. Happy weekend! L PS I'm thinking I saw some ruffled shoes similar to mine on the Target website as well.

  8. This party was such a good idea! I LOVE the leopard wedges! CUTE!

  9. I LOVE your "hoochie mama" shoes!! I'm not usually a fan of animal print, but I love it on shoes!! Thanks so much for the visit AND the Follow (I'm a little late returning comments this weekend!). Have a wonderful afternoon. :)


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