Monday, March 29, 2010

Pets' Photo Shoot....

Pepper, AKA: Woolly Bully, Pepper Shaker, Moma's Boy....He is sitting so proudly for this photo. He LOVES his family sooo much. I believe he could live on love alone. He makes every step I make while I am outside. He is a "moma's boy". He is a full-blooded Australian Shepherd. He previous owners gave him to us. He is blind in one eye....the previous owner's horse kicked him in the eye...poor baby!

Oreo, AKA: Slick Stick, Ole Timer....He is thirteen years old. He is a very calm cat, but not a lap cat. :( Notice his one white eyebrow? When we still had our Dalmatian, Fiesty, he would try to nurse on the dog. Fiesty and Oreo were best buddies. They would sleep together in the dog house and eat together. I can tell that he is getting a little slower in his steps. Bless his heart!

Callie, AKA: Fuzz Buzz, Callie Allie....In this photo, she is saying Do NOT mess with ME!!!! She has a serious attitude. Grouchy is not the adjective for her. She loves to be petted mostly by me, but when she has had enough....that is it!!! Watch out!!! She is a stray that showed up the day after Thanksgiving five years ago. She will not let me comb her hair under her chin and belly. She has no fear what so ever.....Pepper is scared too death of her!!

All of my pets are giveaways or strays. If I could, I would take in every stray the wondered into our yard, but Mr. Hubby says "No more pets". I stand by Bob Barker's famous quote..... "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered".

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