Thursday, December 24, 2009

14 Christmas Trees.....

Our family tree in the living room. The angel has graced our tree for the past 13 Christmases!
The victorian themed tree in the Dining Room.

The half tree in the Dining Room

The floral/victorian tree on top of the mantle in the living room

Taking Care of Business with my Elvis Tree....right by the front door!!!

Edity -bity tree in the downstairs master bathroom

The kiddos tree in the upstairs foyer

Let the lights shine.......

The newest tree this our master bedroom

Twin trees at the top of the stairs

War Eagle Baby.....this tree was a new addition last year! Still a work in progess!

Sport themed tree in Caleb's room

Super-hero themed tree in Rylee's room

My little pink tree in the upstairs it cute or what?

Well, did ya count them all.....fourteen in all. Yes, I must be a little crazy or obsessed with Christmas Trees!!! I count every size and shape when it comes to Christmas Trees. Guess you noticed that? You all know what I will be doing after the holidays...taking down trees!
Wishing all of you a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year!


  1. Everything looks just beautiful! You are such a good decorator!

  2. All of our trees look so pretty! My favorites are your bedroom tree and the bathroom tree, but they're all beautiful. Merry Christmas! See you tomorrow at Granny's.


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