Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Elvis Christmas Tree

My treasured Elvis tree....full of ornaments from different places! Three from Graceland and one from Tupelo (his birthplace). I have been to Graceland three times, and I want to go back of course! Most of the ornaments play music. Rylee likes to press the buttons to turn them on. I do not mind either because I love to hear Elvis sing....don't you?
The topper...the card is an invitation to our cousins' 13th birthday party four years ago.

Around the base of the tree, I have placed different tins. Never too much Elvis.....

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  1. Uhh I wish i could have a Christmas Tree as rockin as that one! Uhh I love ELVIS! I'm only 20 but I am upsessed with his music! I could go crazy buying tons of ELVIS merchandise like i already have done but there is just so much merch of him! Very Kool Tree by the way! Really Awesome!


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