Sunday, December 20, 2009

Look who came to our house!!!

That's right...our little Elf friend from the North Pole came back this year to help Santa and me keep an eye on the boys! This was a gift last year from my dear friend, Charlotte. Rylee cannot wait until Tiny S. Tot comes to spy on him for Santa. Every night Tiny S. Tot flies back to Santa and gives him a report on the boys. Each morning, he is in a different on an elf hunt we go!!! You choose a special name for your Elf. Our elf's name is Tiny S. Tot.
Sarabeth, my niece, loves to look for Tiny S. Tot when she is at our house. So, this year for Christmas we gave her their very own Elf on the Shelf. She was sooo excited. I gave it to her early, so he could fly back to Santa and give him his report on Noah and Sarabeth.

The little rascal got into the ornaments I was making for Rylee's class for Christmas. Ya never know where he might appear the Christmas tree, holding the TV remote (he was watching Christmas movies before we got out of bed), the middle of cookie crumbs!

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